Benefits and Features

  1. Bullet Heated stones MELT muscle tension quickly

  1. Bullet  Hand-held rock-solid stones deliver strong, firm
            muscle stroking

  1. Bullet  Chilled white marble stones reduce tissue
            inflammation and cut the aches & pain fast

  1. Bullet  Thermal temperatures accelerate body’s healing
           response & balance the energy fields

  1. Bullet Stone-Percussion technique releases knots
           & muscle spasms in minutes

  2. Bullet  Balances the Meridians and Chakra Centers

  1. Bullet   It just feels so, sooo GOOD!


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  1. Bullet Quickly reach a state of deep, meditative
      relaxation that would take a Zen Master at least
      45 minutes to arrive at!

  2. Bullet Turns down the mental chatter & clears brain
      clutter. Distractions of the outside world fade
      away.  Tunes out the negative thoughts.

  3. Bullet Your fluttering brain-waves soon calm down &
      you begin to think more clearly and focus better.

  4. Bullet Your entire body completely relaxes as if in a
      deep, deep sleep which means heart rate, blood

  5.   pressure and muscle tension also calm down.  

  6. Bullet  You enter a realm of serenity and peacefulness

  7.    which can open the emotional gates to joy & put
       you back on the path to positive thinking.

  8. Bullet  When receiving a massage upon the SoundWave
       Table you have greatly enhanced the benefits and
       results of the massage experience.

People RAVE about the Sound Stone Massage ... here are some of the reasons why


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