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  1. A Popular Favorite!! Couples Massage Two massage tables side by side (not end-to-end) and two therapists in the same room at the same time.  Experience the 5-star rated Sound Stone Massage with your spouse, partner or a friend as the two of you are treated to an incredible hot stone massage while you each lay upon a deluxe Sound Wave Deep Relaxation massage table.  Includes enchanting aromatherapy scents at no extra charge.  No where else in the St. Louis area will you find such an awesome value & combination. Packages can also be as a couple.

  2. Requires advanced booking

  3. These prices not available during Valentines Weekends in February
    60 minutes ($150) 
    90 minutes ($220)

197 Watson Plaza, St. Louis, MO 63126




of Voluspa Aromatherapy

Enhance your gift certificate by adding a Voluspa product that your recipient will receive along with their spa service. Something to remember you by.

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This is the best of the best!   Starts with a 1 hour Be Stone Therapy massage, followed by a luxurious 30 minute hot stone foot massage.  Your choice of aroma-therapy scents if desired.  Next comes the warm Hydrating Body Wrap to further nourish the skin.  An Eminence Organics Facial includes consultation with the esthetician on skin care procedures (or opt for a Stone Facial Massage instead).  A healthy Spa Lunch is included.  Now it is time for the finishing touches with a Manicure and Spa Pedicure (includes paraffin dip).  Complete package takes about 5 1/2 hours.       $395 

Half Day Getaway (with Nails)

Rescue yourself from reality with a collection of our basic spa services.  Includes our signature Swedish Stone Massage with basalt hot stones on the deluxe Sound Wave Relaxation Table & complimentary aromatherapy scents. A Facial Stone Clenz or the Customized Skin Facial (your choice, based on availability). The finishing touches are a traditional Foot Bath Pedicure and a Basic Manicure.  Allow 3 1/2 to 4 hours arrive-depart ( Nail drying time included in time estimate).  $195

or this version.....

Half Day Getaway (with Hydrating Body Wrap)

Escape to the planet of ultimate relaxation with this series of stress-busting spa services.  Starts with a Facial Stone Clenz or an Eminence Customized Skin Facial (your choice, based on availability), then followed with a Swedish Stone Massage on the deluxe Sound Wave Relaxation Table.  Includes our deluxe hot stone Foot Reflexology massage and a after a brief intermission, experience the nourishing Hydrating Body Wrap (arms, shoulders and legs.)  You’ll depart in an aura of serenity.  Allow about 3 to 3 1/2 hours arrive-depart ( services take about 3 hours).  $195

Head to Toes Rejuvenation - A Best Buy Favorite

This package starts with a much deserved Stone Facial Clenz service which includes hot steam towels, cleansing, massaging with both heated basalt and chilled marble stones with  Jojoba.  Next comes the awesome hot stone foot massage for 30 minutes, followed by a one hour full body stone massage.  (If staff available, an Eminence Skin Care Facial can be substituted).  Allow total 2 1/2 to 3 hours from arrival to departure.  $175

Face & Body Ultra - 120 min.

Receive a Facial Stone Clenz and a Swedish Stone Massage...
2 hours of sheer nirvana!  Includes hot steam facial towels, facial cleanse and massage with small hot stones, followed by cool marble stones.  Suitable women and men.  The Stone Facial Clenz can be substituted for an Eminence Skin Care facial when staff available. Can also be done as a couples experience in same room.
Allow 2 1/2 hours arrive-depart  (services take about 2 hours)   $140  

Face & Body Basic - 90 min.

Receive a Facial Stone Clenz and a Swedish Stone Massage...
Enjoy a 45 minute Facial Stone Clenz which includes hot steam towels,  basic face cleanse, with luxurious warm stone facial massage, followed by cool marble stones. Next is the hot stone massage experience which includes legs, arms, hands, neck, shoulders and back. Suitable women and men. Can also be done as a couples experience in same room.  Allow 2 hours arrive-depart  (services take about 90 minutes)   $120

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Gentleman’s Facial

This facial utilizes plant based Eminence Organics skincare products that are selected for a man's skin and individual needs.  Service includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, steam towels, a treatment mask, followed by a facial massage. A concentrated serum is applied, along with a moisturizer and eye cream. During the mask the neck and shoulders are briefly massaged.  This man's facial can help repair the damage caused by daily shaving, skin sensitivity, dullness, aging and the environmental impact of both city and outdoor living.   1 hour   $72

Back Facial Treatment

The back is a most difficult area to self treat and thus our Full Back Facial is the perfect solution to address this area's special needs. This treatment starts with a hot steam towel, then a deep cleansing and a spritzing of skin toner. Next is a plant-based exfoliation, a 2nd steam towel application.  Then an Eminence Organics treatment mask, based on your skin needs, is applied for 10 minutes while you absorb the continuous music sound vibrations of our unique table beds. Session is completed with a Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturizer.  1 hour  $70  (Shorter version for upper back available for $50)

Series of 3 or 6 one hour massages services

Buy a Series of 3 or 6 one hour massage services and save over individual prices. Client choice of massage for each visit.  Remember, a ONE hour Sound Stone massage is a full ONE hour service, unlike many big spa stores & chains who advertise “one hour”  when the actual hands on massage is really just 40-45 minutes of massage and 15 minutes devoted to completing forms and getting undressed etc. Must be paid for in advance at the following rates.  Deep Tissue is $10 extra, payable at time of service.  Series cannot be broken down into 30 or 90 minute time segments, however you can pay for extra time as an “add-on” at time of service.
Series of 3 or 6 services cannot be paid for with 3rd party gift certificates or gift cards such as SpaFinder Wellness, SpaFinder Party City or Spa Week brand of gift cards.  Our series services are already generously discounted and these 3rd party cards take a hefty additional service fee.

Series of 6 one hour massage services   $360.

Series of 3 one hour massage services  $195.

All Year now...



Couples Massage

60 min  $180  -  90 min  $250

( per couple price )

Our ultra Romantic Valentines Couples Massage exprience starts with a welcome Kir Royale Aperitif (non-alcoholic version available).  Tender songs of romance play in the background. Pleasant, aromatic scents permeate as you lay upon side-by-side tables which deliver soothing, gentle melodic pulsations.  Your skilled therapists begin massaging with smooth luxurious heated stones as you both drift into a euphoric state of relaxation. Each couple receives a gift bag with chocolates and a Voluspa Aromatherapy gift to take home.