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Jackie is the undisputed expert when it comes to hot stone massage! As one of the very first thermo-stone therapist in the St. Louis area (since 1999) she’s performed more stone massages than anyone else. She has now trained a team of therapists to duplicate her skilled techniques.

What is “Sound-Stone” Massage?

It is a massage service combined with an advanced sound therapy system that utilizes a Sound Wave Deep Relaxation massage table, which sends low frequency, calming sound waves into your body.  Special music, which has been specifically choreographed and orchestrated to produce precise therapeutic-sound frequencies, send pulsating vibrations through the underside of the table.  A studio quality, professional sound system powers the table along with comfortable high quality stereo headphones (e.g. Bose or Sennheisers)

As you lay upon the table your body becomes an integral part of the enchanting, melodic sounds emanating beneath you, which gently reach your cells and skeletal structure. Sound wave frequencies further the process of mental and physical relaxation increasing the body’s healing response. Science has shown that all human brains are receptive to the modulating relaxation influences of these selected sound frequencies.  In essence, you are experiencing a form of “internal massage” throughout your body, while your brain wave patterns begin to mellow and relax.

Repeated treatments with this technique have been proven to calm the inner mind and actually return brain wave patterns to a normal, healthy state after periods of intense, negative stress experiences.  It takes a Zen Master about 45 minutes to reach a deep state of serenity.  A Sound Stone treatment can often get you there in about 10 to 15 minutes.  Anecdotal reports indicate that unique and powerful brain wave entrainment melodies can actually neutralized the negative effects of some psychotic drugs on the human brain.

By the end of the session, you are nearly speechless, entranced, enchanted and completely relaxed.  Combined with the highly effective BeStone Thermotherapy Massage method, you are ensured of receiving an amazingly effective, incredible massage experience unlike any other.

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Combining the Sound Wave Deep Relaxation Table with the luxury of deep heat coming from healing massage stones in the hands of experts performing massage magic.  Plus, cool marble stones chase away the aches and pains. You get... awesome relief!

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