Benefits of STONE MASSAGE Therapy

Heated Stones Melt Tension Quickly

Heat from stones helps to expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Relief of Symptoms

Hot stone massage has specifically been associated with symptom relief for Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and other autoimmune disorders by lessening pain and improving range of motion. Use of smooth surfaced heated stones can be more comforting than hands alone.

Stress Relief

Hot Stone Massage is an effective method for reducing stress, anxiety and improving cardiovascular health.  Include the benefits from the Sound Wave Deep Relaxation Table and the change is massive!  Stress is vanished!

Increases Joint Flexibility

Muscle tension can make it difficult and more painful to move the  joints. The heat from Hot Stone Massage helps to relax muscles, which makes it easier and more comfortable for body movement. People with certain joint disorders may benefit particularly from hot stone massage.

Decrease Muscle Spams

Muscles that are tense and in spasm can cause a lot of pain and interfere with daily life. Use of Stones can reduce inflammation and tension in the skeletal muscles to ease spasms and pain.  Additionally, our "Stone Percussion" technique gently "taps out" stubborn knots.

Better Sleep

Many do not sleep well due to factors such as stress, insomnia and busy schedules.  Getting a transforming Hot Stone Massage can do wonders in  improving the quality of sleep. Our special choreographed music sound tracks can take your brain to the Delta Zone in a matter of minutes

Benefits of SOUND WAVE Therapy

Faster than a Zen Master!

Quickly reach a state of deep, meditative relaxation that would take a Zen Master perhaps 45 minutes to arrive at.  With our state-of-the arts techniques and equipment you can easily "tune-in, turn-on and drop-out" of the stress and craziness for a while.

Quick! Change the Negative Channel

Stop the brain chatter! Annoying thoughts, stresses and distractions soon fade away leading towards a clear path of peace and serenity. Think clearly and focus better. THIS is a place your Heart and Soul longs to visit and be with more often.

Transform Your Physiology - with NO Rx

The entire body completely relaxes, heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension mellows out.  As you near the Delta Zone fluttering brain waves slow down like the deepest state of restorative sleep at night.  All without use of drugs or alcohol!

Good... Good... Vibrations

Your body will feel the undulating ebbs and flows of the sound vibrations coming from the underside of the massage table in soothing, calming patterns.  At the same time the Bose Stereo Headphones deliver the rich sound detail in the higher frequency ranges to the brain. Think more clearly, focus better.

Mix the Sound Vibes with Stone Massage......

and you have massively increased the benefits of your massage experience both physically, mentally and emotionally.... in just one appointment.  Sort of like surround sound massage theater...with skilled, talented massage therapists to complete the equation.

Chilled Marble Stones

 Chilled white marble stones reduce tissue
 inflammation and cut the aches & pain fast.  Combined with 1st course of heat, then application of cool, soothing pain relieving chilled marble stops pain in its track.

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